A Simple Story

Stockpile Guns
One Less Gun is a simple story.

It is not about whether you like guns or dislike guns, it’s about the simple fact that there are too many and 1,000 people a day are dying as a result of them. Like it or not, guns are a part of popular culture. They are integral to many of our favourite games and films are in all likelihood to remain so for many generations to come. One Less Gun is simply dedicated to reducing their number and promoting a social responsibility to this fact. One less Gun offers everybody the opportunity to contribute to the solution of this largely ignored problem. By texting onelessgun to 70007 on your mobile phone you can destroy a gun for £5. Our target is to destroy 1 million weapons. This will save lives, stabilise communities and make a safer world.

A Founders Story

Carl McCrow
McCrow is a controversial artist taking weaponry from war torn areas around the world and producing provocative and thought provoking works of art.

“It has long felt right to produce my art with weaponry to provoke the recognition, that however we may feel about tools of war, most of us recognise that there are too many.”

In the beginning McCrow was satisfied to destroy a single weapon to produce his art and provoke a response, but as he became aware of the stories and the numbers behind his own art, he felt strongly that something more had to be done. Simply publicising the cause was never going to be enough; McCrow wanted a tangible reduction in their numbers but struggled to understand how his art could achieve this. However McCrow didn’t have to wait long for an answer. Encouraged by some 400 attendees at his first exhibition in Waterloo in October 2012, McCrow put on his second solo exhibition, History Interrupted, at the OXO Tower July 2013 and received 25,000 visitors; with this many friends, anything was possible!

In keeping with the endless conflictions in his work and the world around him, he would provide an inert bullet with the serial number of the gun destroyed as a controversial token of its destruction.