Using film to fight reality

Gun Neutral is a call for the film and game industry to use the fictional weapons we see on screen as a new form of currency to help us take as many surplus and illicit small arms out of circulation.

What is it?

It is an opportunity to use the guns we love to save a life.

Gun Neutral is a call for the film and game industry to use the fictional weapons we see
on screen to facilitate the destruction of surplus and illicit small arms in the real world and directly tackling the real consequences of weapons and their often devastating effect on people and communities around the world.

How does it work? It costs just £10 to safely destroy a gun. For every weapon that appears on screen, a financial donation of between £10 and £,1000 is pledged to help secure the destruction of a surplus or illicit weapon in communities affected by war or armed violence.

What’s in it for the creatives? It’s an opportunity to pioneer a new kind of social capital with a film that satisfies our need for escapism yet is also a public expression of concern. It speaks to the incredible social value a film can create beyond the box office and provides a new way to connect on a deeper level with a more socially aware audience.

Why should the industry care? This is an ethical rather than a moral proposition. The makers of films and games that portray gun violence don’t condone it. Nor do those that watch or play them.

Making a commitment to be ‘Gun Neutral’ is a very public expression of consciousness – recognising that for every scene of fictional violence, somewhere in the world similar scenes involving illicit weapons are happening for real.

How can you help this happen?

This is the very beginning and your support of One Less Gun, will continue to help us promote industry lead weapons destruction projects that go far beyond the modern families appetite for explosive entertainment.

Martin Scorsese backs plan to destroy real guns when filming fake ones.
The director adds his support to a campaign begun by a British artist who wants the film industry to help tackle gun violence.

Martin Scorsese backs call for directors to destroy a gun every time a fake appears on film.

Martin Scorsese Movie to Destroy Guns.
British artist Carl McCrow is asking the world's most successful filmmakers to destroy one gun for each firearm that appears in their movies.

Gun Neutral is an ethical not a moral proposition

It is a call for us all, whether we own guns, enjoy guns, to simply acknowledge the problem, take responsibility and reduce their number to balance our own appetite.

Gun Neutal is a very tangible way for the industry to play a huge role in helping eradicate a major source of suffering.

If you own a gun and would simply like to be Gun Neutral, donate here and we will send you a Gun Neutral Certificate and a change to win a contempary artwork made up of the guns you have helped us destroy.

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Using film to fight reality.