End of War

The UN has identified stockpile management and control as one of the most acute small arms problems. "Leaking" Government stockpiles are prominent sources of illegal small arms in circulation. Access to guns in countries emerging from conflict need to be reduced, if this doesn't happen these weapons eventually find themselves in the wrong hands and lives are destroyed.  Simply the best way to address this issue is to destroy the weapon before this happens.
Working with governments and local communities One Less Gun aims to destroy as many guns as possible and restore and perpetuate a sense of security and stability.

Arms for Agriculture

One Less Gun propose to promote a series of international government supported amnesties to swap arms for agriculture.
Many countries where illicit weapons are a problem face agricultural challenges. Food production no longer meets the demands of a growing population and export revenues are in decline. Investment in agriculture is crucial for future food security and economic growth. Where inadequate farming methods are currently being used One Less Gun is hoping to trade much need equipment for stockpiled weapons from previous conflicts.

Art of Disarmament

This program is currently being discussed with a number of governments around the world. It offers gun owners amnesty to deliver their weapons for destruction and inclusion in a planned sculpture in a prestigious city location. Contributors to the sculptor retain a proportional ownership of the artistic piece calculated on the weight of their contribution.


Small arms have a disproportionate, far-reaching and long-lasting impact that extends well past their immediate use in conflict, One Less Gun aims to eliminate this impact every time we find a gun. These projects hope to achieve a significant reduction in gun related death and injury. This reduction will also impact the illicit firearm market, pushing up prices and making illicit arms harder to procure.